Matt Barber






Photography RAM SHERGILL 


Hair Stevie Purcell

Make-up Sara Sorrenti using Mac

Manicurist Sara Sorrenti using KLEY Nails


How did you find your shoot for Drama (maybe describe how you felt )?


It was great fun! Ram is awesome and the entire team were fantastic. We messed around loads and it was a great experience.


What does the word Drama mean to you?


Conflict. Not in a pretentious way, literally when things don’t match up for whatever reason and you’re stuck in the middle of it, trying to sort it out. The bigger the conflict, the harder you try (even if objectively you’re only making things worse). 


Who (past, present, future) inspires you?


So many people! It depends in which walk of life. Different people inspire me greatly in different ways – personally and emotionally it’s certain friends and family; creatively it’s awesome artistic talents who take risks and put themselves on the line; professionally it’s people who work tirelessly to overcome the odds to achieve their goals.


If you had an Ideal role, what would it be?


Sorry it’s so obvious but Hamlet. I’ve always been addicted to Shakespeare and basically came to acting through studying Shakespeare at school. I love the language and the poetry and obviously he’s the master of using those aspects to heighten and intensify his story telling. As a character, Hamlet deals with psychological difficulties which really fascinate me and resonate with some of my personal experiences (apart from being a prince, sadly…) and the extent to which you get to explore these issues with this particular role is greater both in scope and quality, I think, than pretty much anywhere else.


What are you working on at the moment?


I’m actually working on my first films as a producer right now. We’ve just gone into casting for an indie romantic comedy/drama, which is going swimmingly and will shoot at the end of March. I’m also working on a bigger project called Plague Over England, which was a huge West End success a few years ago. It’s going to be like The King’s Speech meets Milk and we’re currently in discussions with some very exciting directors.


What would you like to work on?


The ideal for me is the opportunity to work on as many varied projects as possible, both in terms of character and medium. If I can get a balance of theatre and camera work and as much variation in character as possible, that would be the dream.


Who would be your Ideal Co- Star


That’s an impossible question – there are so many people I’d kill to work with!


What is your Favorite film of all time.


Gladiator. I think I’m probably supposed to say something really niche and sexy, but it’s definitely Gladiator. I was addicted to mythology when I was younger and studied Classics further down the line. When they get back to Rome and you see the fly overs of the city, that was basically the first time there had been a decent reconstruction of the ancient city and it was magical. I went to see it five times in the cinema and still love watching it now. Oh, and it definitely has the best sound track of all time. 


If there were a soundtrack to your life, what would it be?


A really weird mix of hip-hop, house, classical, rock and anything else that takes my fancy – it generally depends what mood I’m in.


Which location ( country ) would you like to film in and why?


Everywhere with epic scenery. 


If you were an animal what would you be?


I’d love to be something mysterious and dangerous. A snow leopard. But I think I might be more like a labrador.

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