Underground Shoes

Underground is a label of shoes inspired by an authentic subculture made in UK – brave and pioneering. A tradition that spreads an original, independent, fearless style since early 80’s.
The story of Underground starts in Manchester in 1981 with a small shop, able to create loyalty to those customers from Post Punk to New Romantic even if there is no real group of which they belong. It talks about subculture and something to make people unique and outside the mainstream. Alternative culture that would chose their own path, choose whether to conform or whether to tear down the barriers.

Underground has its shop in the heart of London – 8 Berwick Street in Soho, an elegant minimal space mostly black and white with a wide offer of shoes, clothes, leather accessories and books. Underground has always had an attitude that is independent and first to know, it is energising and charming at the same time. Moreover it takes care about music, art, photography, cinema because Underground is culture and authenticity.

This SS 17 Underground recommends these styles, part of the Heritage of the company:


4 copia

    Sonik is inspired by the digital visualisation of sound and in particular the work of Fred Judd, the British pioneer of electronic music. The vertical sole cleats are representative of sound bar patterns and also mimics familiar Underground sole designs. They are simple and precious as well in the monochrome colour black and white.



    Jungle comes from the idea of the experimentation with the digital visualisation of sound, where abstract patterns moving in accordance with the sound input from oscillators, has been converted to a graphic. This graphic output has inspired sole designs, the shaping of the upper and the design of trims. The sole of the Jungle is based on the oscillations of sound waves the clean and clear-cut sole then provides a base for obvious utilitarian upper designs.



  • NOX
    A hybrid sneaker that incorporates a bold silhouette, Nox is inspired by the movement of sound. The design features a cushioned rubber sole, sculpted vortex outstep wall, rubber toe guard, sound movement inspired outsole and performance grade materials. New generation products that continue to extend its prevalence in the domain of bold androgynous design.



    The original Underground Creeper, Wulfrun was first produced in1987. Distinctive style that offers models in suede, leather with a ribbed sole edge in single, double and triple; two D- ring for lacing and an apron with three rows of interlacing. This season suggests pastel colours and metallic ones especially in gold and silver.

Available also online www.underground-england.co.uk