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Photography Barry Jeffery Styling Magdalena Jacobs  Grooming Joanna Bernacka- Pettit using  Pai Skincare Model James A @Named Models


Beau Homme is a menswear brand from London, created by design duo Justin Mansfield and George Bunker and founded in 2014. Since their initial meeting, the pair has worked in tandem to investigate garment construction and to establish a distinctive, contemporary menswear aesthetic.

The brand consists of carefully constructed collections that subtly subvert the traditional structures of menswear and masculinity, enabling a profound, sincere and observant means of expression that challenges convention.

For their the S/S18 collection “An Infinite Awareness,” , Beau Homme promotes the expansion of a widespread consciousness.

The awareness ribbon form is re-examined and reconfigured. The S/S18 collection focuses on the garment’s ability to project a powerful message about respect and acceptance. In today’s political climate, Beau Homme recognises that accepting our differences is a beneficial act of humanism and fellowship. The designer duo translated this vision through creating unexpected pattern cutting linkages and the symbolism of infinity and exclamation markings. Disparate cultures are unified into a collective singularity. Utility merges with an offbeat elegance merge to create distinctive garments brimming with a creative perspective.